Black Mamba Hair Growth

A customer favorite supreme hair growth oil blended with SEVEN different oils! 

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Description:​ A versatile detoxifying face wash


Benefits​: Dispels acne, dark spots, stretch marks , and cleans dirt from skin.


*Best with Virgo's Love*

"Since I have been using Nefetari's Foam, all y acne has cleared up. I have a few dark spots but they are slowly going away. For a long time I was struggling to look for products and asking everyone what they use, but Aligning products are really the only thing that works for me. I only use Aligning's Nefetari's Foam, Virgo's Love, and Aloe."

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Image by Bernard Hermant
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Description:​ A supreme hair growth oil.


Benefits:​ Promotes hair growth and hair moisture

"I used the Black Mamba for a while and it only took me less than 30 days and I started to see a difference. My hair started growing in thicker and healthier than I've ever seen. Thank you Aligning!


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"I've been going to the beach and enjoying the sun lately. I've been taking Virgo's Love with me every time. I don't have to worry about harmful ingredients that could counteract with sun either and it smells SOO good. I am obsessed."


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