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Alafia (Peace) Everyone,

Here at Aligning, we believe that in a fast moving world people should take the time to slowdown and embrace themselves in any way they can through acts of self love. We offer a wide variety of products from skin care, hair care, to accessories. Aligning would like to offer a space of clarity, peace, and reassurance when you receive any of our products.

Our skin care is made with only organic ingredients, leaving you time to feel grounded while you bathe in your self-care routine. Aligning products are handmade products for ALL skin types and have produced spectacular solutions to common skin problems such as acne, dark spots, itchy skin, rashes, and more.

Our accessory line is a creative custom made line that features handmade jewelry that has material imported straight from Ghana, Africa. As we strive to grow into a larger company, we always remember to give thanks by donating 10% of our monthly revenue to families in need , and non-for-profits here in South Florida.


DISCLAIMER:​ Aligning skin care products have not been clinically tested, however, our reviews may be able to serve as support to showcase positive feedback of our product


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Nadine “Empress” Gardner is a psychological research support specialist behind Aligning. Empress has always been infatuated with mental health in addition to holistic care and she wanted to find away to merge the two. Empress came up with Aligning due to the influence of her Kemetic Yoga instructor in addition to her influential business oriented peers at her alma mater,  Florida A&M University.

Since the creation of Aligning, the company has been seen in Ghana and Korea. However, Empress wants to also expand the business internally by using Aligning as a platform to promote holistic health through positive coping strategies. These strategies include the avid use of self-care practices, mindfulness, meditation, and vocalizing the importance of diet within the culture of using the products.


She is currently working as a chair board member of a Nonprofit organization, ROPNation, that is structured around supporting adolescent children with various socioeconomic status to promote healthy coping mechanisms.


If interested in collaborating with Empress on how you can be a part of supporting our youth email us at ​iamaligned.333@gmail.com.