Description:​ A versatile detoxifying face wash


Benefits​: Disprells acne, dark spots, stretch marks , and cleans dirt from hair


"Since I've started using Aligning's Nefetari's Foam, all of my acne has cleared up. I have a few dark spots but they are slowly going away. For a long time I was struggling to look for products and asking everyone what they use, but your products are really the onlly thing that work for me. I only use your Nefetari's Foam, Virgo's Love, and Aloe."

- @theofficialsamb


  • Ingredients: ​West African Black Soap & Hibiscus

    How to use: ​Apply to face 3-5 times a week to see sufficient results. Can be used as a facewash, beard wash, and body wash

    * Must use a moisturizer afterwards if applied to skin. Best with “Virgo’s Love” *